neatbag™ Flat + Double Gusset- Vac Bags


neatbag™ Flat + Double Gusset- Vac Bags



neatbags™ vacuum bags are ideal for storing, organizing and protecting your garments
Double gusset patended cube design flat top and bottom for easy loading easy to pack and stack
Saves up to 75% in storage space
Unique double gusset (flat top and bottom) sits squarely making packing and stacking effortless
Rounded zipper seal that stops the slider from sliding off the bag second safety zipper for an airtight seal 

Re-suction vacuum bags every 4-6 months to ensure compression is maintained

How to use neatfreak®, neatbags™ vacuum bags:
1. Fold items to allow full storage capabilities. do not overfill and leave enough room to close the zipper
2. Press the slider firmly and then run slider 2x back and forth to create a tight seal
3. Open the cap. fit the hose of any vacuum over the valve and remove air 
4. Close the cap and store!

3 Large Flat Bags 26.6" x 35.4" / 60 x 90 cm
1 Medium Travel Bag 15.7" x 23.6" / 40 x 60 cm
3 Large Double Gusset Bags 39.4" x 12.6" x 25.6"/ 100 x 32 x 65 cm

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