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Simple Ways to a Cleaner and More Organized Bedroom
15 December 2014

Treat your bedroom right, and it will reward you with relaxation and rest every time you enter it. Eliminating visual disorder is key to a creating a room that inspires peace and calm. Following are my top tips for a clean and organized bedroom.

1. Do not let your bedroom become a dumping ground.

Never allow your bedroom to become a hideaway for things you want to keep out of the main living areas. Treat you bedroom like the sanctuary it should be. If at all possible, consider keeping other activities like TV watching and work out of the bedroom. This will result in a room that signals your body and mind to calm down and rest.

2. If it’s a multipurpose room, keep things in their designated areas.

If you must have an office area in your bedroom, keep it an area; don’t let papers migrate away from your desk. Make an extra effort to keep everything contained and out of sight. For instance, while an open inbox may be fine in another room, attempt to find a solution that’s a bit more disguised, like a decorative shallow basket, if your desk is in your bedroom.

3. Be strict about what’s on surfaces.

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10 things to throw out now
08 December 2014

By Martha Uniacke Breen

10 things you need to get rid of to unload and update your home.

Does the traffic jam of clutter in your home feel more oppressive than ever? You’ve likely already started thinking about a plan to tackle the easy stuff-cleaning the house from top to bottom, donating clothes you no longer wear to charity, clearing out the garage. (Well, at least the thinking part is easy)

But here’s a list of things that you may not have realized are cluttering your surroundings just as much, adding to the overload of outdated or just plain excess “stuff.” Add these to your to-do list, and you’ll be surprised how much space you’ll free up-not to mention the mental freedom that comes from letting them go.

1. Outdated technology

You probably have one (or more) computers, TVs, DVD players, VHS recorders, cassette decks or other rusting electronics stored away in your basement. What are you waiting for, the return of the eight-track machine? Old electronics can be recycled or disposed of in an environmentally friendlyway at the local transfer station. (In the case of computers, be sure to wipe the HARD DRIVE completely first for security reasons. Many office supply and computer stores will do this for you for free.)

2. Old files

Whether you have a working home office or not, chances are you have a FILE CABINET filled to overflowing with old files and paperwork. Most of it you don’t need to keep. If you do, scan the papers and store them electronically. Then put the rest in the RECYCLING BIN (shred it first if it contains sensitive information). TAX RETURNS should be kept for seven years; after that, you can get rid of them with a clear conscience.

3. Bedding AND Mattresses

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10 Questions to Help You Declutter
01 December 2014

By Mandi Ehman

February 14, 2013

One aspect of having a simple home is to keep it free from clutter. While there are varying DEGREES of this and not everyone chooses to live a minimalist lifestyle, there’s no way to get around the need to declutter regularly as part of your simplifying goal.

Here are 10 questions to ask yourself as you evaluate the items in your home and make tough decluttering decisions:

1. Is this item something I use regularly?

A lot of times we keep gadgets, tools, toys, art supplies, et cetera around because they seem useful. However, it’s important to consider how often you actually use each item when deciding whether it’s worth keeping or should be given away. If you haven’t touched it in three to six months (or more), despite your best intentions, it is a good candidate for decluttering.

2. If not, is it something I love?

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6 Ways You’re Making Staying Organized Harder Than It Has to Be
24 November 2014

By Apartment Therapy

You may have discovered (thanks to this post) that you’ve been making keeping your HOUSE CLEAN harder than it has to be. Might you also be making it harder to keep your house organized, cleaning’s important and annoying cousin? A stress-free house is not just a dust-free one, it’s one where you can find stuff when you need it and don’t have stacks of unnecessary stuff adding to your home’s clutter. Check out this list of six ways you might be making it harder to stay organized and see what you can eliminate this weekend!

1. You don’t immediately toss unimportant stuff

Put a RECYCLING BIN next to your mail box and a shredder next to your door. The moment you get your mail, toss what you don’t need, shred personal info-marked things you don’t need and then immediately file what you need to file. Don’t put things in a basket to look at later. If you want to look at it later — just put it where it’s supposed to be anyway, and go look at it later there.

2. You emotionally hold on to stuff you know you don’t need

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Time-Saving Tip: How To Quickly Dry a Load of Laundry
17 November 2014

By Apartment Therapy—+8814+Before++After+8+Complete+Living+Room+Makeover+Projects+from+Around+the+Web&utm_content=DAILY+—+8814+Before++After+8+Complete+Living+Room+Makeover+Projects+from+Around+the+Web+CID_a4c049ca4ab1ed436d71bda5fd29fff2&utm_source=email_newsletter&utm_term=Go%20to%20full%20post

Doing laundry is a time-consuming and never-ending chore. But since it is a necessary evil, the only solution is to find ways to make the JOB easier and faster. This summer, I seem to be doing laundry more frequently, with smaller loads, and yet those smaller loads seem to take as much time to dry as my larger loads, even when set to the same exact settings. Boggled by this reoccurring conundrum, I asked my grandmother for her SAGE advice. Lo and behold, she had a trick…

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