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Time-Saving Tip: How To Quickly Dry a Load of Laundry
17 November 2014

By Apartment Therapy—+8814+Before++After+8+Complete+Living+Room+Makeover+Projects+from+Around+the+Web&utm_content=DAILY+—+8814+Before++After+8+Complete+Living+Room+Makeover+Projects+from+Around+the+Web+CID_a4c049ca4ab1ed436d71bda5fd29fff2&utm_source=email_newsletter&utm_term=Go%20to%20full%20post

Doing laundry is a time-consuming and never-ending chore. But since it is a necessary evil, the only solution is to find ways to make the JOB easier and faster. This summer, I seem to be doing laundry more frequently, with smaller loads, and yet those smaller loads seem to take as much time to dry as my larger loads, even when set to the same exact settings. Boggled by this reoccurring conundrum, I asked my grandmother for her SAGE advice. Lo and behold, she had a trick…

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You’re Never Too Young to Get Organized: 4 Skills for Kids
10 November 2014

Huffpost Living Canada


Most parents often find themselves frustrated at the mess in their home because of their child’s disorganization. To eliminate the frustration and teach children, it’s time to encourage them to join in on the clean up routine!
In order to make clean-up simple and fun, the Professional Organizers in Canada (POC) provides four quick and easy tips to practice with your children:

1) Keep the clothes and jackets off the floor

Start with the basics and encourage your children to keep their clothes and jackets off the floor! POC member Cindy Browning suggests that if the child can dress himself, he can learn to pick up his own clothes. Use laundry hampers or baskets that are low to the floor and hooks on the wall that are close to your child’s height so she can reach them. Shelves or hooks that are higher in the closet can be used for items not used as often i.e. dress clothes. The lower shelves can be used for everyday items. This makes it easier for them to put the clothes away or hang up coats. Make it part of their daily routine.

2) Tucking away the toys

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Helping Disorganized Kids Become Organized
03 November 2014

By Dr Michele Borba

18th Jan 2014

Parenting advice to help disorganized, forgetful kids get organized and for kids with shorter attention spans who need to “reclutter” and learn routines
“My daughter is sweet and loving but hopelessly disorganized. I’m always picking up forgotten homework assignments, putting school into her backpack and reminding her of his schedule. I worry that she’ll need a full time assistant to help her get through high school. Her room looks like a bomb hit it. School is starting up in a few days and I’m already in a state of panic. What can I do now to help my kid be more organized this year?”
Sound familiar? I can’t tell you how many similar queries I’ve received from parents over the past few days. My answer: there certainly are things you can do to help kids become more organized. And helping your kids now will help them in the upcoming years when you’re not there to pick up the pieces and serve as their personal Palm Pilot. The secret to teaching organizational skills is to take on just one troubling issue at a time, find a simple solution that fits your child, and then stick to it until that new organization system becomes a habit. Here are a few tips to help unorganized kids become more organized!

Tips to help unorganized kids be more organized

1. Stop rescuing

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5 Tips to ‘Do It Now’ When You’re Super Busy
27 October 2014

By Andrea

15th May 2014

Several weeks ago, I shared a post about my time management rule of “doing it NOW”. That post generated a lot of emails questioning how I could possibly “do it now” all the time with a toddler, an infant, and an at-home business.
I’ve been thinking a lot about those questions these past few weeks. I know that I really DO “do it now” most of the time… but I also know that there are plenty of times when I don’t literally do it RIGHT NOW because Simon is crying, Nora is making a mess or getting into trouble, someone calls or stops by the front door, I lose track of time, etc. etc.
So over the past month, as I went through each day, I paid attention to times when I wanted to “do it now” but couldn’t for various reasons — and then also what I did in those situations.

Here’s what I realized:

1. I take notes:

There are many times during the day that I can’t literally “do it right now”… so in those situations, I usually make a note of the things that need to be done.
I often keep a pad of Post-it notes with my planner (right next to my computer ) so any time I think of something that needs to be done but I don’t have time at that exact moment to do it, I’ll jot it down. Then I’ll try to cross off all those things later that day, once Dave is home from school or after the kids are in bed (see #2 below).

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Pro Organizer Tips: What NOT To Do When Decluttering Your Home
20 October 2014

By Apartment Therapy

(Originally published 4.11.12 - JL)


We asked Washington DC’s organizing and de-cluttering guru Nicole Anzia of Neatnik for some words of organizing wisdom. Instead of giving us additional organizing and decluttering tips and strategies, Nicole though it would most helpful to tell us what NOT to do when trying to harness chaos in our homes.
Some of this advice is hardly new or shocking. But Nicole says these five missteps are the most common in her line of WORK —and most likely to derail even the best efforts to conquer clutter. Here’s what she had to say:

1. Organize First; Buy Second. : Do not go out and buy a ton of storage pieces and supplies before you sort through your home. All of those pretty bins, boxes and baskets at The Container Store are very enticing, but they won’t do you any good unless they fit the space (on the shelf, under the bed, in the CLOSET ); hold what you need them to hold, and function properly for your particular space. I recommend cleaning out first, assessing what containers you REALLY need, and then buying a few bins to start. You can always add later, but you don’t want a bunch of empty containers cluttering up your home while you figure out where you might use them.

2. Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew. :  Do not set aside an ENTIRE day to organize your WHOLE house. Very few people have the energy and/or focus to spend 8 hours organizing. You’ll likely become frustrated and less efficient as the day progresses. It’s much better to spend a few hours—2 or 3—on one project or space. This way you’ll feel motivated to do more, not burned out by the process.

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