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Six steps to establishing order in your home after an inevitable dip into chaos
28 July 2014

By Erin Doland

May 16, 2014

This week has been one of those weeks where I never found my rhythm. You’ll notice that Tuesday’s post ran on Wednesday and then there wasn’t a Unitasker Wednesday post. I forgot my son’s weekly swimming lesson, which has been at the same date and time this entire year. All day yesterday, I kept making plans for today as if it were Sunday. There are a handful of other examples, all proving that my head has not been attached to my shoulders this week.
As is the case for most people, as my mental space has become chaotic, so has my physical space. Mt. Laundry has erupted in my laundry room. I’ve been rushed, so things haven’t been put away as I’ve used them. It has also affected my kids, since I’m not giving them time to clean up before we run to the next activity. TMZ could do an expose with intense music and tell-all photographs with the headline “And she calls herself the Unclutterer!”

In the professional organizing industry, we refer to these times as “falling off the wagon.” It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, I have to find a way to chase down the wagon and get back on. The following steps are what I do to keep the chaos short lived:

1. Cut yourself a break

Everyone, even professional organizers, find themselves in a cluttered state occasionally. It’s inevitable because life isn’t predictable. Don’t beat yourself up over the chaotic times or feel guilty about them. Rather, simply recognize you’re off course and then reroute yourself at the first possible opportunity.

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Organized Hair & Makeup Station
21 July 2014

By Sarah Spain

May 13, 2014

Almost a year ago I bought a shelving unit from IKEA to better organize the master bathroom and I’ve been loving it since then.  A few months ago, I decided to spring clean the bathroom and got rid of a bunch of stuff I no longer used.  This started the organization process all over again… you know, because it was a day ending in “y”.

I’d been eyeing up a few organizational ideas on Pinterest, namely, the Makeup Magnet Board and the Beauty Supply Ledge that I’d already incorporated in Chad’s bathroom.  I put together my supplies and slowly got to work as they arrived.  I definitely love the result…

I needed a little extra lighting so I added the lamp.  I was hoping

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Five organizing myths
14 July 2014

By Jacki Hollywood Brown

October 21, 2013

Myths abound in the organizing world. Don’t let yourself fall for these five common tales:

1. Sticking to a rigid meal plan for the whole week will save time.

What if you’ve planned a 5-course meal on Wednesday then have an emergency orthodontist appointment at 4:00pm? Generally a meal plan will save time but keep the ingredients for a few healthy, easy-to-prepare meals in your pantry at all times. This way, you can eat what you want, when you want.

2. I only need to touch it once when I am organizing something.

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Speed Cleaning Tips From Professional Cleaners
07 July 2014

By Cynthia Ewer

Paid cleaning help can be a wonderful short-cut to a clean and organized home—if the household budget can stand the cost.
But what do you do if the Prize Patrol bypassed your door this year?
Take a speed-cleaning lesson from the pros!
Paid cleaning services are masters of the art of speedy, efficient cleaning. Watch professional cleaners at work: they don’t waste time, cut corners or dawdle over the job—and they know how to clean fast, clean right.
To speed cleaning chores in your organized home, take a tip from their copybook. Try these tips from professional cleaners.

Schedule Cleaning as A Job

Professional cleaners schedule every job, right down to the minute. Nobody hires a cleaning service that promises to arrive “some Saturday when nothing else is happening.” Take a tip from the pros, and set up a regular weekly cleaning schedule.
There’s nothing like the feeling of a completely clean home—but you won’t get it by cleaning in fits and starts! The pros don’t quit until the job is done, and neither should you. Schedule the job and stick to it to get the work done in record time.

Dress for Success


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Summertime Organizing: Routines & Schedules
30 June 2014

By Toni

May 22, 2014

Summer break is creeping up on us and with that comes a whole new set of routines & schedules.  During the school year, dinner becomes impossible many nights of the week, the chores “might” get done on Saturday and family time consists of a high five on the way to another soccer practice, piano lesson or basketball game. Sound familiar?  For our family, summer schedules are so much more enjoyable. By creating a daily family routine, you are setting yourself up for a successful (and low stress) summer.  Create a daily routine that your family can follow on a regular basis.


 Morning Routine
 Menu Planning
 Daily Chores
 Fun Time
 Family Dinner Time
 Bed Time Routine

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