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Frank Turco is Controlling Chaos in 2014
10 February 2014

Controlling Chaos in 2014 by Frank Turco, Celebrity Trend & Design Expert

Week 5 is here and I am tackling the closets. My mission is to sort and organize the one closet that is most visible to all – the front foyer. This is an active closet as it is used by the whole family as well as our guests, so it needs to be clean, organized and functional.

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Frank Turco is Controlling Chaos in 2014 Week 3
27 January 2014

I’m into week 3 of my resolution and I am feeling so good about controlling chaos in my life. There’s only one issue – the rest of my family isn’t completely aligned with my goals.  My wife is unfortunately, a bit of a hoarder (you didn’t hear that from me), and my twin girls (aged 5) are not always the best at keeping order in the home or their rooms.

So, I’ve decided to focus this week on organizing my whole home and instilling some discipline into my wife and kids to do the same. So we started the week off with a purge – we went through every room of the home to gather things we don’t use, need or want anymore. We donated as many of those as possible.  I then ran out and bought some very inexpensive cube organizer systems. These are great because they are inexpensive, come in a variety of finishes to compliment your room, and are fun too. I gave my kids an activity which was to create the labels for the front of their fabric boxes. They had fun doing it, and it made putting things away more personal for them and definitely more entertaining.

Kids storage

Blog By: Frank Turco - Celebrity Trend and Design Expert

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Frank Turco is Controlling Chaos in 2014 Week 2
20 January 2014

Frank Turco, Celebrity Trend and Design Expert
Controlling Chaos in 2014

It’s week 2 of my New Year’s resolution of controlling chaos in my life and keeping things organized and so far so good.  I invested in some of my favourite finds that I mentioned last week and have discovered some new things to keep me going. In fact, I am now investing time in making my own storage and organization solutions myself.

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Frank Turco is Controlling Chaos in 2014
13 January 2014

Frank Turco, Celebrity Trend and Design Expert, is Controlling Chaos in 2014

2014 has arrived and with it comes the usual lists of resolutions we all try to keep: new outlooks on our careers and love lives that we hope will come true and the need for organization to keep everything we do and own in check.

My 2014 has started with a new outlook on organizing chaos in my life.  And to help me stay on track with this resolution, I have come up with Frank’s Faves’ – a list of my favourite finds to help me stay organized in 2014

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The Housewide Shoe Purge That Takes Less Than an Hour
07 January 2014

By Meredith Bryan

Empty Your Closets

Each family member lines up his or her shoes in a long hallway or large room (if space becomes an issue, decamp to the driveway), grouping “like” pairs: flip-flops with flip-flops, pumps with pumps, sneakers with sneakers.

Trim the Fat

Next, says organization expert Peter Walsh, place “any shoes you don’t like, that don’t fit, or that you haven’t worn in six months” into a box marked “donate.” Exceptions—like those almost-new hiking boots you haven’t worn in years but swear you’ll take camping this spring—must be put to a vote.

By Meredith Bryan

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