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Hanging clothes to dry not only saves energy, it preserves the colour and…
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You want your home to be an oasis of calm, a place for you and your family to recharge, far removed from the hectic demands of daily life. But let’s face it; taking control of the clutter in your house is a chore.

neatfreak. Helping you to Control Chaos.

neatfreak provides imaginative solutions that make your life easier, keep things organized and help you control the chaos.

neatfreak makes it easier and faster to organize every aspect of your life, from the laundry room to the bedroom. We offer simple solutions that combine efficient functionality and clever ideas, to make the chores your family faces less daunting. We are neatfreak, a global manufacturer of home organization products and accessories. neatfreak

For over 30 years

neatfreak designs, manufactures and distributes innovative home organization products to retailers in Canada, the US, and Globally...

neatfreak is a privately owned Canadian-based company with a head office in Mississauga, Ontario and Long Valley, NJ. Our 150,000 sq ft. distribution centre is adjacent to the head office as well as warehouse facilities in Hot Springs, Arkansas and Long Beach, California.

Our goals are ambitious.

Our mission is to develop new products based on customer insight, design innovation, sustainability and bullet-proof quality.

It’s about your life. Keeping your home organized contributes to a more rewarding and productive life style. By removing the mess you remove the stress, opening up space for more enjoyment and the things that really count.

neatfreak; bringing harmony to your everyday life.