[closetMAX] SYSTEM™ 3 Shelf Closet Organizer


[closetMAX] SYSTEM™ 3 Shelf Closet Organizer



Equipped with weight bearing nylon strapping and durable positioning grommets.
Single units can be combined and connected by placing the expandable hanging bar (or bars) through the placement grommets.
Fits any closet bar
3 durable, reinforced shelves fit all types of clothing, shoes or other accessories
Hangs off any closet bar from durable luggage strapping and heavy duty hooks
No tools required — quick and easy assembly!
Add the expandable MAXbar® to double your hanging space and lock different units into place
Mix and MAX with other [closetMAX] SYSTEM™ organizing accessories to create a closet system

11.7" x 14.4" x 35.5"
30 x 37 x 91cm

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