8 Tips to Feng Shui Your Interior

by Angie Bersin from www.redfin.com

While it may seem like a bit of a buzzword remnant from the 1980’s, feng shui is here to stay, with proponents including architects and interior designers. But while we are all familiar with practicing feng shui in the home, it is important to recognize that this is a modern use of the philosophy. In fact, feng shui has been used almost exclusively for outdoor areas since around 4000 B.C.


But while feng shui may have historically used more for the outdoors and city planning, it’s recently migrated to the interior. And while you’ve undoubtedly heard of using feng shui for interior design, it can also be a useful means of organizing your home and creating calm out of the disorganized chaos that many of us deal with. Below is a handy list to help you use feng shui to turn your home into a peaceful, organized that allows for the easy flow of positive energy that you’ll carry with you all day.

Keep your entryway clean and clear.

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This the main space from which you enter and exit your home, meaning that the energy in this area of your home is the energy that will be carried throughout the rest of your home, as well the energy that you’ll take with you when you leave. The best way to ensure energy here is to remove clutter by tucking away shoes and boots and keeping coats, jackets, scarves, purses, etc. stored in a coat closet or on a coat hanger that doesn’t obstruct any pathways. As this area often extends to a front porch or outdoor walkway, be sure to find a different place to store trash cans and recycling bins as they act as energy sinks.

Always enter your home through the front door.

Garages and other side entrances tend to be more cluttered, poorly lit, and designed less for form and more for function. By this point in the process, you’ve already created a nice, clean entryway so make sure not to waste that hard work by using an alternate entrance.

Make your bed in the morning.

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Now, we know that this isn’t exactly everybody’s favorite thing to do in the morning, especially before heading out to work, but it will make a big difference in the rest of your day. Making the bed in the morning allows for a smooth passage from the previous night into the new day and having a well-made bed will inspire you to be more organized throughout the rest of your day. Plus, it only takes a minute (if that) so it’s by far the quickest process on this list.

Put away your laundry.


While it’s tempting to use your dryer as a dresser of sorts and avoid folding and putting away your laundry (not that we’ve ever done that or anything), this is an important step in preparing you for the rest of the day. Being able to reach into a well-organized closet or dresser and find what you need in the morning will not only make getting out the door an easier process but you will be able to better manage the rest of the day’s disorder if you don’t have to deal with any while you’re getting dressed.

Keep the bathroom tidy.

Similar to making the bed, this is one of the easier steps. Putting towels on a towel hook or rack, storing toiletries under the sink or in a cabinet, and not letting the bathroom trash pile up will all allow for much better energy flow in your bathroom, which will be important for starting and ending your day.

Hide or disguise electronics and their wires.

Have a place where you can store laptops and tablets that no one is using so that they are out of the way and not disrupting the flow of energy in your home. For larger items like your television, try placing it inside an armoire or cabinet of some sort so that you can hide it away when you aren’t watching it. Similarly, be sure to use cable covers and power strip boxes to cover those unsightly wires and power strips.

Be sure to keep your desk at work organized too.


It’s easy to let things pile up and get out of place on your desk but having dedicated places for things like documents, papers, pens/pencils, tools, etc. will make for a more productive work day.

Lastly, allow some room for mess.

This sounds odd given that the point of this very article is to get organized but sometimes you just can’t help it when things get messy. But rather than let things get out of control, set aside dedicated spaces where the mess can be contained. A basket for the things you take with you every day (like your keys, wallet, sunglasses, etc.) is a good example of this.

Keeping these ideas in mind, be sure to implement other elements of feng shui to make the process of tidying up just that much easier. For instance, blue is a color in feng shui associated with organization (especially richer shades like royal blue and navy) so try to implement these colors where applicable, such as the baskets you use to store toiletries and everyday items.

Similarly, as the north is associated with personal growth, as well as the water element, try keeping a water feature like a small pond or fountain on the north side of home, office, or yard. Finally, be sure to keep the center of rooms open as this will allow for an easy flow of energy throughout the entirety of your home.

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About the Author: Angie is part of Redfin's content marketing team and enjoys writing about home decor and real estate trends. As a long-term Seattlite, Angie enjoys traveling the globe to find content inspiration. Her dream home would be an urban loft filled with natural light, high ceilings, and an open floor plan.