Room-by-room guide to decluttering in time for spring

By Robert Lovell

While there may still be snow on the ground, knowing that spring is just around the corner gives me an urge to clean and declutter. Shedding ourselves of unnecessary baggage is a great way to start afresh as the days get longer and the year begins to unfold ahead of us.

Spring cleaning is about more than feather dusters, though - it means decluttering our homes of the excess stuff we seem to pick up over the winter. Use our room-by-room guide to begin planning your decluttering process.




The bedroom (and more specifically, your closet)  is a good starting point for decluttering. Maximising your closet space is one thing, but spring cleaning is a chance to drag everything out and think about what you do and don’t need. Excavating your closet can unearth some forgotten treasures, and it’s surprising what we keep hold of.

Be super-critical by donating any clothing or shoes that don’t fit, or that you don’t wear, alongside old books, kids toys, or anything else that hasn’t seen the light of day for a while!


Living room

For many of us, this is the room we spend most time in, and it’s easy to get cluttered up with excess stuff. Going through DVDs and donating or selling unwanted titles is a good start, as is throwing out old magazines and newspapers.

Compare how many chargers you have to how many you use, and make sure to clean out the sofa cushions - pocketing any excess change for a post-cleaning reward.



With the various ailments that fly around during winter, our medicine cabinets are often bulging by this time of year. Start with a clearout here, removing empty packaging and unnecessary medicine.

Cleaning the bathroom is never a fun job, but an essential one. Washing out the bin, removing limescale from fittings, and cleaning under the sink and toilet bowl will all contribute to that decluttered feeling.



The kitchen can be a very cluttered environment, and so emptying all of your cabinets and taking stock of exactly what you’ve got is essential. Getting rid of mismatched food containers and lids will free up a lot of space, as will throwing out expired cleaning products.

Are you really going to make ice cream again? If the answer is ‘probably not’, then it’s time to say goodbye to any unused kitchen gadgets and utensils, alongside old pots and pans that have become strictly ornamental.

Decluttering can also extend to food - check for out of date cans, dry goods and other ‘pantry essentials’ that have become far from essential. A clear out of your fridge and freezer will also give you plenty of space, as well as a potentially eclectic meal when you’re done!

Spring is just around the corner, and decluttering our homes is a great way to prepare for the change of season. So let’s get started!


Robert Lovell is a writer and blog contributor at Abacus House Clearance. Robert is interested in minimalism and simple living as part of a happy life.