Everything you need to know about organizing you learned in Kindergarten!

Whether we remember our own kindergarten classroom or that of our children, I think the concept remains the same.  That space worked for activities during the day and it also was easy to tidy-up when the time arrived.

Think about why the Kindergarten Model works.  Everything a child needs is close at hand and easy to access.  They don’t need to leave the craft centre to get the scissors.  They are right there!  When the teacher signals “tidy-up time” everything has a home (usually labelled) and things can quickly be put away.

The idea of zones or centres is something that we can efficiently transfer to our home organizing plan.

Think about organizing your kitchen into zones:

  • The Beverage Zone – think about where on the counter you wil have your coffee maker and tea kettle.  Use the cupboard above that for mugs, teas, coffee and other supplies.  Best if this is also located near the sink.  You can stand in one spot and efficiently make your hot beverages.  No zigzagging all over the kitchen to get what you need.
  • The Lunch Making Zone – decide on a spot in your kitchen where you can store the lunch bags and also have cupboard (or drawer) space for lunch dishes, ziploc bags, cutlery, water bottles, granola bars & other lunch items.  It would be great if this was also fairly close to the refrigerator.  You (or family members) can stand in one spot and efficiently do your lunch preparation.  No zigzagging all over the kitchen to get what you need.
  • The Baking Zone – If you are someone who enjoys baking then think about having all your supplies in one area.  Your ingredients, your mixing bowls and your recipes all handy.  If you have any of the large rolling drawers we love to see those used for your baking supplies.  You can open the drawer, lift the lids and scoop your ingredients without ever having to lift the containers in and out of the drawer.  You can have your measuring tools stored close at hand as well.  No zigzagging all over the kitchen to get what you need.

You get the idea!  Think about everything you need to accomplish a specific task and then work to set-up a system that gives everything a home close at hand.

Organizing in Zones can apply to other areas of the house too, not just the kitchen.

I have a small house so I need to get inventive on using space efficiently and creating zones.

  • I use plastic storage towers for my gift wrapping supplies.
  • I mounted a shelf in my furnace room to store kitchen food overflow items.
  • I have labelled containers in my laundry room for first aid, shoe care and sewing supplies.  These are mini zones, but they are all I require to meet the needs of my family.

When brainstorming organizing ideas for your home think zones!  Remember how well the Kindergarten Model works?  You can make it work for you and your family too!