Fall Cleaning Checklist: Get Your Home Ready For Cold Weather

from Household Management 101

Once the air gets a chill to it you know its time for your fall cleaning checklist, so you can get your home and your family ready for the cold weather.


Cleaning your home in the fall, just like for spring cleaning, is about renewal, and getting your family prepared for the upcoming seasons.

I generally recommend doing your bigger deep cleaning in the spring, after the long winter stuck indoors. However, you still need to do a smaller fall house cleaning.

Since this is a once a year event I suggest using a checklist so you don't forget anything. Below I have listed everything you need to do as part of your autumn cleaning.  To get the printable version of this list scroll to the bottom of this page.

To Do Throughout The House

  • Clean window treatments (either at home or dry clean depending on their type)
  • Replace light window coverings with heavier weight ones
  • Clean and dust light fixtures
  • Wipe down all handles, door knobs, etc.
  • Dust and/or wash mini blinds and other blindsand shades
  • Dust blades of ceiling fansand other hard to reach areas, such as tops of doors, etc.
  • Oil door hinges
  • Wash windows and window screens
  • Wash mirrors
  • Declutter and organize (join the free Declutter 365 missions! and 52 Week Organized Home Challenge)

Fall Cleaning Checklist In Various Rooms




  • Clean blankets and linens, including mattress covers and dust ruffles
  • Wash pillows
  • Flip mattresses
  • Replace summer bedding with winter weight bedding
  • Store warm-weather clothes and replace with cool-weather clothing

Laundry Room

  • Clean out dryer vent thoroughly to remove lint from hose

Attic / Basement / Garage


  • Put up storm windows
  • Clean gutters
  • Scrub exterior areas such as driveway, deck and patio
  • Clean outdoor furniture, and then store it
  • Drain and store garden hoses
  • Close your pool, if applicable
  • Pressure wash house exterior, and touch up paint, if necessary

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