Being Organized Doesn't mean Being Perfect

Written by Audrey Cupo on


Being a professional organizer sometimes comes with high expectations from others.  I don’t mean the quality of my work – I mean the perception people tend to have that I live in a “perfectly organized world”. It’s funny to watch people come to my home and look around with eyes wide open, looking to see how a professional organizer lives.

I always feel that I have to explain that I am human too and that I do not live in a completely organized home at all times.  Life gets in my way too!  However, I do know the things it takes to keep a home manageable and comfortable.  And that is all I expect from my clients as well.  I never expect them to be “perfect”, just organized in a way that works best for them and lets them be comfortable in their home so they can enjoy it.

You can create your own definition of what living organized is about. In general, I think you would agree that it should:

  • Allow you to find what you need when you need it & have the ability to store it quickly and easily without frustrating you.
  • Work for everyone who needs to use it.
  • Ease your stress.
  • Free up time for the things & people you love.
  • Keep things simple…

And, finally, what it doesn’t have to be is PERFECT!