Thinking Outside The Shoe Box: New Uses For Shoe Organizers

By: Michelle-Ann Vernal, neatfreak intern

Did you think they were only for shoes?

Your over-the-door shoe organizer is actually an untapped source of storage that you probably weren’t aware of. Sure it can keep your favorite footwear off the floor and dust free but it has even more potential when you open your eyes to all the uses those pockets can have around your home and beyond. So to give you a jump start, I made a list of some of the other things you can do with your shoe organizer.


ss bathroom 2.jpg

Bathroom Storage

Who likes a cluttered sink? If you would rather have that space free of all your bathroom accessories, consider hanging a shoe organizer on your door and put it all away, quickly and easily, as you rush off for the day. This is really useful if you have a family bathroom where each person can have a section for their toiletries. Don’t lose another toothbrush to the chaos!


Sports Organizer

Let the games begin! And since you came to play, convenience is key. Your car keys, water bottle and phone need to be out the way but easy to find when you need them. It’s the best way to play while having everything in order. Adding names to shoe organizer creates a mini storage space for you and your teammate’s personal items when you’re on the field. Plus, it will give you cool points when the other team sees your mad organizational skills.


Sock Organizer

I know I’m not the only one that can’t solve the ‘other sock’ mystery on a daily basis. Choose to store based on the days of the week or color coordinate. Put it in the kids room or set up a ‘His and Her’s’ with labels for you and your spouse. Have fun with it, knowing that you’re also saving yourself a trip to the store to buy more socks in the future.


ss cleaning products.jpg

Cleaning Product Organizer

This is my favorite, ‘non-shoe’ use of the organizer since keeping these things controlled and out of the way can be a hassle. In my home, new products are constantly being purchased because we can’t find the last bottle.  It's also a great way to keep household chemicals out of the reach of children.


Accessory Organizer

It could be your keys, your phone charger or your wallet, the little things that if lost can be a real nightmare. So easy to hang, your organizer can be on the door on your a hallway or mudroom, to serve as your personal assistant.  Make a habit of always placing your keys and small objects in the pockets as you come in the house, so you know where they will be when you're on the way out.  No more searching and asking "where did I put my keys!"


Kid’s Toys Organizer

Perfect for all those playthings your kids can’t seem to find all the bits and pieces for after they use them. Barbie dolls, Legos, toy cars and ninja turtles will be easy to store and good way to teach kids to be organized.


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