10 NEAT WAYS: A neatclip challenge

What can you do with a neatclip?

Sure, we all know the neatclip Boot and Accessory Clip is perfect for hanging tall boots, helping them to maintain their shape and last longer̶  that’s what it was designed for.  It’s also great for hanging accessories like scarves and purses.  Which got me thinking, what else could this little clip do?  


Thus, the ’10 Neat Ways Challenge’ was born, sending me on a journey to find more things I could do with it.  

The neatclip and I had a fun time around the house and I actually found a lot of uses for it, some were ‘no brainers’ while others were more ‘aha’ moments.  I am proud to say that I did find 10 neat ways (and a few more) to use my neatclip, and I took the pictures to prove it, so let the show begin!


#1: Multi-purpose Sport Clip

Some gloves don’t come with a velco closure, so hanging your glove between innings is not possible.  While you’re up to bat, hang your glove up on the fence using the neatclip.  You’ll be able to find and grab it quickly when you’re back in the outfield.

It’s also great for hanging sunglasses, batting gloves, or jackets to keep them off the bench.

#2: Loofa Holder

If you own one of these awesome bath time scrubbers, you may have experienced the real struggle of trying to find a proper hanging place for it in your bathroom. These pictures serve as a testament to how easy it was to hang them up.

#3: Towel Holder

Just when you thought you had no more room on the towel rack, the neatclip comes in and saves the day! Now you can do more with less space because no one likes a soggy towel.

#4: DIY Sign Holder

Are you in need of some privacy?  Make your own sign and hang it on a door knob.  That way you won’t damage your door’s lovely paint job with tape marks.                                               

#5: Recipe Holder

Need an extra hand in the kitchen?  The neatclip is great for holding up your recipe cards, raising them to eye level so they are easy to read and keeping them and off the counter, protecting your precious secret chocolate chip cookie recipe from any water spillage.

#6: Mail Organizer

Maybe I’m the only one that opens a bill, puts it down and forgets where I put it. Now I can keep them all together in the same place.  I can have one for unpaid bills, and one for paid bills, or for each month to keep payments organized.

#7: Oven Mitt Holder

Keep your oven mitts handy by using a neatclip to hang them on your stove for easy access to those perfectly baked muffins.

 #8: Chip Clip with a Twist

The neatclip is great for keeping your favourite snack fresh and has the added benefit of a hook, so you can hide your secret indulgence in a closet, away from those who might want to share. 

#9: Toothpaste Holder

Having difficulties getting that last bit of toothpaste from the tube? Not anymore! The no-slip grip of the neatclip was really helpful here as it effectively secured the tube making it easy to squeeze the remainder out and saving me an early morning trip to the store.  Hang it from a hook under the counter to save space.

#10: Hat Hanger

For all hat enthusiasts, here’s a new way to store your lids! This is a terrific and easy technique to hang them in your closet.

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By Michelle-Ann Vernal, neatfreak intern.