What Is Feng Shui?

by Z Living Staff at www.zliving.com

The ancient Chinese believed that natural energy could best be harnessed by proper arrangement of things at home, and by the correct establishment of houses and buildings.

Feng shui aims to balance the natural and structural energy in ones environment. That energy or chi flows through our homes and offices and affects all aspects of our life. Yin and yang form the basis of Chinese philosophy and the Chinese art of healing, from which feng shui has evolved.

When applying the principles of feng shui to your home or office, strive to achieve a balance between yin and yang, as well as a flow of positive chi throughout. You can also place auspicious objects, like wind chimes, crystals and plants in strategic corners in order to improve your luck and prosperity.

As you work your way through the tips and suggestions for improved feng shui in your home or office, youll notice that many of the recommendations fall in line with common sense: Pay attention to space, light, comfort and especially cleanliness.

Note: In order to gain a full understanding of the subtleties of feng shui, we strongly recommend that you do extensive research and consult a trusted expert. The principals of feng shui are based on literally thousands of years of collective wisdom. The more you study, the better you will be able to apply feng shui to your home and to your life.