5 Easy Tips for Organizing Christmas Decorations for Storage

As the end of the holiday season draws near,  you’re likely already dreading the task of putting away all the lights and organizing Christmas decorations at your home.

Un-decking the halls, as we all know, is never as fun as decking them. Not with all the fa-la-las and such at the beginning. Still, the task doesn’t have to be dreaded.

Resist the urge to pull it all down and throw it in the nearest bin or box however it lands. By getting things organized now as you put away these items, you’ll be so set for next year that you’re sure to pat yourself on the back for doing such a great job.

Here are five easy tips for organizing Christmas decorations:

Group Similar Items

This should be a no-brainer, but if you’ve ever helped someone else with their decorations you know it‘s not always done. You can put all like things together – all the lights, all the wreaths and garland, etc. – or you can group by category or room. Group all the outdoor items and then group all the indoor items. Or group by living room, dining room, entryway, etc.

Get the Right Containers

Now that you’ve grouped your items, assess your containers and bins to see if you have what you need. If you need more, buy the see-through containers in the sizes you need. Look for containers that serve specific tasks – like a wreath container or sectioned ornament containers that help you organize all your ornaments safely.

Label and Number Containers

Next comes labeling and numbering. Even if you have see-through containers, it’s still a good idea to label all your bins and containers. Choose a label that what works for you. The point is to be able to find exactly what you’re looking for next year. Next, number each container and store them away with smaller numbers up front and bigger numbers in back. This will make things easy for you when you pull it out next year. If you do outdoor lights first, that should be box 1. Wow! You’ve now got a numbered system. Your 2015 self is going to be so proud of you.

Use Lists and Photos

As you’re putting away everything into its proper container, why not make a list of contents for each container? You’ll find that lighted star tree-topper and that dancing Santa in no time. Like the way you decorated your mantle? Take a photo and include it in the container. It will make decorating even easier next year.

Discard What You Don’t Want

Maybe it’s time to let the tattered and tired lighted Rudolph figure fly away to the thrift store or elsewhere. This is a good time to go through your decorations and donate or toss the items you no longer love. Why keep holding on to things you likely won’t put out again?

Some people take their decorations down before the new year begins, while others wait until after it arrives to take it all down. However you do it, we hope this list of tips has been helpful.