Controlling Laundry Chaos with neatfreak!


When I saw the triple sorter by neatfreak! I knew it was a product I had to have. I felt like it was going to make my life better so I was so excited when they sent me one to try. It may seem silly to get excited about a laundry sorting system, but when you find something that will make life easier? It's awesome, especially for a mom whose laundry easily takes over and gets out of control.

Here’s what I think about the Triple Sorter with Ironing Board:

  • The triple sorter is easy to put together. My 4yo enjoyed helping me and it only took about 20 minutes to put it together.
  • I love how the grey fabric bags look in our room and that it looks so much nicer than my previous set up of plastic laundry baskets.
  • There’s an ironing board on top. I’ll admit- we don't iron often but it's so nice that we now have a place already set up for those times. For other people who actually iron, this is a great set-up.
  • The laundry baskets look small but they’re roomier than you think. I actually like that they’re smaller than normal baskets -- that's helping me keep on top of the laundry chaos.
  • The set-up is on wheels. We don’t need this feature and I’ve considered taking them off but depending on your needs you might love that you can move it around.
  • If you live in a small space, this is ideal because it's compact.

Finding the triple sorter by neatfreak! has definitely helped me control the chaos that laundry can easily become!

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