How to Avoid Common Organizing Mistakes

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Dealing with the indoors chaos is a hard task, especially if decluttering was not on your agenda recently. Even if you are trying your best to get organized, you are not able to get over the mess. In this process, you are your own worst enemy. Learn what you are doing wrong and get back on track with your organizing project. There are few storage solutions and tips to get you started.

No Clear Vision

Surely you want to finish with this task as soon as possible. But most people tend to jump straightly into the project without a plan. Take a couple of minutes to create a schedule. By having a strategy, you will avoid getting lost or overwhelmed by the process. Pinpoint the bad habits that are the source of disorganization in your home. Most importantly, determine what you want to achieve.

Lack Of Prevention

Your home accumulates clutter on a daily basis. If you have the habit of procrastinating the home organization, maybe now it’s the time to reconsider it. There are two things you can do. First, you should stop recklessly buying stuff that you don’t need. Flooding your home with unnecessary items makes decluttering even less bearable. Second you need to adopt the habit of cleaning on the go. Put your belongings back in their storage space, when you don’t use them. Take control over the things that get in your house. Regularly go over your magazines and mail and to throw the unimportant things.

Randomly Buying Storage Solutions

Caught in the excitement of finally organizing your home, you might go a little bit overboard. Don’t be too fast to go to the local store and buy storage bins and other organizing options. Think what you actually need and make a shopping list. Otherwise the storage solutions will turn into just another clutter. Don’t forget to take measurements to evade the mistakes. Don’t think that a simple organizing product will solve your problem. The best drawer or closet will be futile if you don’t properly store your belongings.

Not Knowing How to Deal With The Clutter

After a big reorganizing project, you are probably left with a huge pile of things. You need to create a strategy. While still decluttering divide the items in different boxes – things you will keep, throw, sell or donate.

Not Having Organizational System

Flat empty surfaces, like tables and counter-tops attract clutter like nothing else. Get used to cleaning these areas on a daily basis. If not, try to set time to do it at least once a week.   Try to use each room according to its purpose. You might be tempted to take a little snack in your bedroom or to work in the kitchen. In this way you are bringing items away from their original position making the decluttering more difficult. Lastly, labeling is essential to any organizational process. It helps to easily find and identify your belongings.