Controlling Cable Chaos!

From Professional Organizers in Canada

Homes and offices contain a great deal of technology today. Electronic devices are part of our spaces and most of them come with wires...lots of them!

“Wire clutter” is a common complaint, making living spaces look messy and cleaning difficult.


Where To Start?

If you are renovating or remodeling, electrical outlet placement, ventilation and wire connectivity requirements are important factors to consider.

  •  Plan ahead to ensure devices are placed in appropriate locations.
  • Place devices in preferred locations before wiring them together.
  • Ensure the locations of your electronics are optimal for work flow.
  • Bring in an expert to hide wires in walls and ceilings.  
  • Use furniture to hide the wires.


The Process 

Once you have all your electronic devices in place it’s time to do some cable management:

  • Group wires together.
  • Use cable management solutions to keep the wires in place. 
  • Cable ties in plastic or Velcro, electrical tape and wire molding can be found at hardware and office supply stores.
  • Extra length of wire can be coiled and hidden behind the cabinet.
  • Leave some slack to prevent tension in the connections.
  • Leave enough wire length should you need to move the devices in order to access the back.
  • Using Velcro allows you to add/remove wires easily.
  • Wire moldings seen below are paintable to suit your wall or trim colour.