40 Smart Tricks To Keep Your Kids Organized (Part 2)

By Natalie Brown


24. Give everyone an interactive to-do list using old baking sheets.

This way, you get to decide which chores each child will be responsible for each day, and they get to mark when they finish them. 

25. Or, set up a similar system using clip boards and clothes pins.

26. Put together a chore board if your chores change regularly.

27. Or just print out this chore chart checklist template.

28. Make your kids some under-bed drawers to help make it easy for them to put their toys away.

29. Paint the outside of each under bed drawer with chalkboard paint so as the kids grow you can re-label the drawers.

30. Give hair clips a pretty place to live, which just might inspire your child to put them away.

31. Try the same trick with an empty photo frame.


32. Create more storage and rod space with a stacked unit like this one.


33. Designate a “crap bucket” for each kid, so you can drop stuff in that they need to put away.

34. Give your child their own trash bin for long road trips.

35. Mount an extra tension shower rod right next to the bathtub and use s-hooks to hang plastic baskets.

36. Give everyone their own designated cup, toothpaste, and toothbrush.

37. Go one step further and include a towel hook.

38. Sew up some pretty hanging bags so you always have an extra pacifier at your fingertips.


39. Display their favorite book of the moment on a minimalist shelf.

40. Or make favorite books easy to get to by hanging them right next to the bed.