The Holidays Are Coming- Is Your Home Prepared?

written by:  Amanda Johnston

The holidays, a wonderful time of year when friends and family get together to celebrate and enjoy one another and life. If your house is a family reunion destination or is close enough to become an impromptu gathering spot, it may be wise to do a little extra to prepare yourself and your home. A little advanced preparation can go a long way to taking the stress out of the holiday season so you can simply relax and enjoy your loved ones.

Spruce Up the Closets

While organizing closets may not be the first thing you think of when you consider preparing for the holidays, closets can help to save valuable real estate that can be better used for guest belongings and holiday gifts. There are many companies that can help you customize your space, or you can purchase a closetMAX system from Neatfreak and take organization into your own hands.

May Old Belongings Be Forgotten

One of the best ways to make space for all of the holiday festivities is to get rid of things! It is always advisable to make a pile for donations, a pile for garbage, and a pile for things to keep when sorting through belongings. Once the sort-fest is over, make it a point to immediately toss, donate, or store all of the items that you have sorted. Using Neatfreak Vacuum Bags for stored items can reduce the bulk and make it a snap to carry stored items to the attic, garage, or basement.

Clear the Halls

Getting the clutter out of the communal areas such as living rooms, front foyers, and halls can make the home flow nicely and allow plenty of room for everyone to move around without knocking things over. This can have the double benefit of saving your precious belongings for another day and making the celebration more enjoyable for everyone. Boxing up and temporarily storing Nick knacks and rearranging rooms so that end tables and furniture are flush against walls can open up the space. 

Put the Tinsel on the Tree

Putting up the Christmas decorations up after you are done clearing the clutter and organizing can add a polished look. Going overboard can undo all of the effort, though, adding clutter right back to the mix and giving you a rough job to do after the holiday season ends. Keeping decorations minimal can make post-holiday cleanup easier and keep your space looking neat and tidy, so you are free to focus on the things that really matter.

Welcome the holiday season with a positive spirit!