The Massive Upsides of Downsizing Your House

Downsizing your house is something you should try to avoid, right? Think again! Sure, we may all love the idea of having that amazingly spacious house with plenty of guest rooms and a sizeable garden - but when it comes to it, what is more important: living the ‘American Dream’ or being able to live with less financial pressure? One of these certainly seems more sustainable.

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Honk If You Hoard: Take Back Your Garage From Clutter

No room to park in your own garage for the clutter and disorganization? Join the club, which by all rights should come with its own bumper sticker: Honk if you’re hoarding!

According to a recent SpareFoot Survey, nearly half (47%) of Americans who own a garage admit there have been times when they couldn’t squeeze their vehicle into it because there wasn’t room. The problem is even more pronounced for parents, 60% of whom admit they’ve been locked out of their own garage by runaway family clutter and disorganization.

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