What do I do with all the papers that come home from school?

Cute little drawings, colored pictures, craft projects, stories and artwork tend to follow children home and if we’re not careful, takeover every surface. When you think about tossing them in the trash a twinge of guilt pulls at your emotions.

“If I throw this away does that mean I don’t value my child?”

And the doubt that fills your mind that that moment forces you to shuffle the papers and set them aside and think: “Maybe next month I’ll have the guts to pitch them…”

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Simplifying Laundry for a Large Family

Laundry is one of those areas that people fear. When people think of how many children I have, they think “Ugh, I’d hate to do her laundry!”

But you know what, now that our family has embraced a minimal lifestyle, laundry is not a big deal. I think I do less laundry than a lot of my peers who have fewer children.

In fact, I timed myself and found that I spend a total of 30 minutes each week on laundry. That’s a whopping 4.5 minutes each day!

How do I manage? Well, let me tell you:

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Why We Procrastinate So Easily And How to Stop Procrastination

We are all guilty of procrastinating from time to time—there’s always something more interesting than the work in hand. We usually think it’s no big deal, since deadline is our biggest inspiration, and we do our best work when we’re inspired. We may even joke about it.

However, procrastination is a massive waste of time as it turns out.

A survey in 2015 found that on average, a person loses over 55 days per year procrastinating, wasting around 218 minutes every day on doing unimportant things.

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